Constellations Of Light


Hi and thanks for stopping by. I am Firestar. What? It’s something I was tagged with a long time ago. I’ve learned to embrace it. I got sick a while back and my body decided not to like me. Fighting is complicated. As many like me know, anger isn’t helpful. That’s why I’m here. Shining a light on problems and trying to find ways to make things better is how I help myself and I hope, others too. I’ve been beaten all to heck. Figuratively and literally, #MeToo. Talking about that is hard. I’m the elbow on the cover of the Time magazine. I’ve been in healthcare for most of my life. an RN in several specialties, and a Paramedic. I’ve had the privilege of being told I made a difference. Of course, I wasn’t alone. There were always others. We always hoped our efforts were successful.

I try to be a hero. Mostly, I fall on my face but here is what I think is important: I get up and try again. I want to shine. The only way I know to do that is to try and help others shine too. Let me know how it goes


Follow and contribute your ideas. We fly together.

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