Constellations Of Light

Hi and thanks for stopping by. This is where I talk about reaching for stars. Obviously, those are out of my grasp but that’s not the point. I got sick awhile back. My body decided not to like me. Fighting is complicated. As many like me know, anger isn’t helpful. Shining a light on problems and trying to find ways to make things better is how I help myself and I hope, others too. Talking about it is hard. I’ve been in healthcare for most of my life, an RN in several specialties, and a Paramedic. I’ve had the privilege of being told I made a difference. Of course, I wasn’t alone. There were always others, none of us does anything alone. We always hoped our efforts were successful.

I try to be a hero which is what I think everyone should try to be. Even though I mostly fall on my face, it gives me a reason to get up and try again. I want to shine. The only way I know to do that is to try and help others shine too. Let me know how it goes.

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