Asking For A Friend

We can feel helpless to change the inequity in our system, we know we need to vote, but we feel there must be something more. All of our efforts are positive and still, we feel a gap in making real change happen.

Lead with what you know best.

Everyone has an experience that is their own. If you have spent your life in housekeeping, your experience is making quiet preparations and organizing. Lead with that. Many leaders through history had little training but redirected their personal skills and experience. Efforts don’t have to be flashy and large but don’t dismiss your abilities.

Identify resources

Everyone who is willing to contribute is a resource. Identify where resources can be applied to contribute to others. Local involvement can be our best effort. We grow from strong roots outward. Know your worth,  It’s about community.

Clear the path

Consider being a mentor, sponsor, writing or contribute in some way to the success of others. Amplifying, lifting up, identifying leaders and assisting them to grow, strengthens us all. We don’t lack leadership potential but if we lack motivation or imagination to enable the abilities of that potential, we fail.

Meet people where they are

In our communities, at the local diners, community centers, parks, and malls are where we find opportunities. Everything is about where we live and finding the needs of the people. We can’t make any change if we don’t talk to our neighbors. We need to know the problems and how people hope to solve them. We build on strong foundations. Family and community come first.

Find common ground

Of course, no one is going to agree on every problem or every solution. Finding ways to address problems to the satisfaction of everyone is what community means. Finding leaders with talents at being creative and communicating with opposing points of view makes any community function at it’s best. Whether being a leader or a community member,  work to grow the community to it’s strongest.


Unless you are or know someone with a problem using steps, reading, finding their way around, moving distances, standing in lines, hearing directions or any other challenge faced by many people, you might not give any thought to whether a place is suitable for everyone who needs to use it.

We can help avoid problems for our neighbors, friends, and family by checking the suitability of facilities to the whole community. Addressing needs by working with together to correct or accommodate needs strengthens us all.


Some of us have access to people and resources others don’t. It’s not fair but it’s real. We acknowledge reality and while we work for change. Expect privilege to be extended to those around us, hold the door for all.

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