Take Care Of You

8662529289_c28effc0f0_zAs we go into summer and the long road ahead to fall, taking care of ourselves and those around us becomes the first and most important step for ensuring all of our goals are met.

We drive ourselves hard, push and then push some more. We have lost people who have been unable to continue. Some thought this fight would be over by now. Our vision has to change. We need to see what we do as a lifestyle and plan it as one we can live with.

The time we spend should be part of a life routine, the issues we address will require our engagement and commitment of long-term resources and a mindset that these problems began because we forgot that we are self-governed.

We understand that using all our resources, financially, physically, and emotionally in a short amount of time, leaving us defenceless against a long-term set of complex problems doesn’t make much sense. Recognizing the importance of caring for ourselves and those around us, to protect our first and most important resources, is our first priority.

Take time out of every day for yourself, make it a routine. Whether it is 45 minutes in the morning or time spent in the evening, set a reminder and stick to it. Meditate, take a long shower and relax, spend quiet time or whatever suits your needs. Pay attention to yourself, notice and address your own needs before those get so large and unmanageable they cause you to have to spend time away or worse, have to step away altogether.

We will be adding posts, links, and other resources to help you find ways to control your own stresses. Developing a plan to manage long-term stress is the foundation of good self-planning. We can’t do this without you. We want you to be well.

Pay attention to the signs of stress in those around you too. Offer to share what you are learning with others. We need everyone, this isn’t a battle with acceptable casualties. If we plan well, we all go at a pace that allows us to continue past November and into the future. Our participation is necessary. We are prepared and well rested for the challenge.

As we adjust our expectations for ourselves, we need to set a good example and mirror our expectations in how we see others. Look for and encourage qualities of balance. Remember those who can maintain balance will continue to stand against the winds that blow against them long after others fall. We model our behavior after these strong people, to keep our own balance and longevity against the stress that we face on the path ahead.


Photo Credits:


Look After You
Credits:Look After You
Photography: Salvatore Otoro

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