Trauma As Big As The World?

You feel restless, off balance, alone. You can’t relax, your usual means of unwinding isn’t working. You are ready to run or fight for your life, but the danger isn’t apparent. You are afraid people will think you are losing control and you are afraid they might be right. You have no one to say any of this to, and no words to say it with.

You are not alone. There is a term “National Trauma”. It’s only beginning to be recognized and National might not be a big enough word. We are in a time of crisis that hasn’t seen as long as most know and may be identified only in history.

But, let’s talk about you. Men, women, no matter the generation, you are being assaulted by changes in social, economic, and world governments that would cause anyone to feel threatened and lose a sense of well being. Like a roar in the distance that can’t be identified, the threat lurks mostly unnamed.

The “MeToo” movement might have bubbled to the surface because of efforts by so many to understand increased stresses. Many types of abuse have the common motivation of manipulation and control. Without words, people can still identify their distress and search for relief. In that search, identifying past abuse happened in a great wave. It might not have been coincidental.

We are in a crisis, not only as a nation but as a world. People on social media are screaming their pain and betrayal at the erosion of laws and the systems society depends on. They express desperate feelings of helplessness to stop these changes. One country isn’t being affected, many counties feel the assault.

If you didn’t have perspective before, you’ve peeked into a window of what it’s like to be severely bullied, manipulated and abused. You are beginning to know the desperation of having freedom of choice taken away. There are reasons why people don’t just leave or don’t just do something about their situation. Now we can all stand together because we all understand how important that is.

We need each other. If you reach out, you will find many of those who were bullied and abused before, are willing to help you. They have experience living through hard times.

People who survived traumatic events as children are more vulnerable than others. The same is true of adult compounded traumas left unrecognized and unsupported.

I’m not qualified to advise professionally but I’ve been where you are. We are all qualified to support each other. Be a hero and a star. Reach out and find someone to help you get up and fly. Maybe you will be able to light the way for someone else to follow.

These paths are bright. Try looking here:

Trauma Survivors Network | National Trauma Survivors Day  

NIMH – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

Further reading:

Trauma Nation – Stanton Peele Ph.D. Psychology Today

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